Thursday, October 4, 2012

Crystal Light Drink Mix for Healthier Skin!

Hey guys, so I went to Kroger to pick up some chocolate milk (I know, delicious), and I stopped by the drink mix aisle to pick up a new box of another favorite drink of mine (Crystal Light Peach and Mango Green Tea) and I saw the Crystal Light Skin Essentials Pomegranate Lemonade Drink Mix next to it so I decided to buy it. One reason why I love drink mixes is that they are really sweet so your sugar cravings are gone, they're inexpensive (I got both packs that have 7-10 pouches for $7 in total), and they're 5 calories a pouch!

So obviously the one on the left is the peach mango green tea, but the one on the right is the Skin Essentials one. Like I said I got it at Kroger.

The Claim: Antioxidant Vitamins and plant extract help nourish your skin from within

It was developed in part with European dermatologists.

My view:

Since I just started drinking it, I didn't notice any dramatic difference with my skin. I have oily-combo skin, not a whole lot of acne, just some bumps here and there and maybe a zit if it's...that time of the month.

At first, the taste is some what sour and shocking, but then it becomes sweet and you'll like it it tastes like juice. Not really pomegranate, but it tastes like fruit juice with minute maid.

The color is a intense red color so it will stain clothing.

I'll keep you updated to see if it has any real effects on my skin!

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