Wednesday, May 2, 2012

There will always be other girls...

We've all heard the saying, "In a relationship, it's all about trust. You HAVE to trust your partner". But honestly, we can preach it all we want, but inside of us there's always going to be that little tiny itty bitty part that says, "well maybe.....blahblahblah". Whether it's trusting your boyfriend when he tells you he's not cheating on you when there are 2 really nice guys telling you he is and they're swearing and willing to show you proof, or if it's trusting him when he says that you look pretty, sometimes, it's his opinion and input that should matter and it is...all about trust.

And there will. I get EXTREMELY uncomfortable when I see another girl hug my boyfriend. Oh my goodness, it's not even explainable. You're standing there awkwardly, and then without knowing it, all of these thoughts and assumptions flow through your head. Does he like her? He liked her before didn't he? Is he going to break up with me? Or, when your best friend is texting him. He's talking to her way more than he's talking to me. He likes her, or liked her I don't know. He just used a winky face. OMG. Kill me now, he likes her. BUT, the thing is, they're just thoughts and assumptions. I overreact, I guess, to things. It's a natural occurrence that happens to me. I assume things too much, and I'm a girl. I get jealous. That's one thing my boyfriend doesn't like about me; the fact that I assume things way too much. I'm trying to fix this habit but when theres a pretty girl, and an amazing hot're bound to think something. But, I'm just letting it go. Okay, sure I might feel like shit sometimes but you have to trust your boyfriend. If he says there's no one else, then trust him no matter how much it bugs you.

Until next time,