Wednesday, November 21, 2012

NEW PURSE! Juicy Couture New Scottie Embroidery Daydreamer Bag!

See the ears of my Rabito iPhone4s case?(;
Hey beautiful!

So, as I said a couple days ago, I ordered a new purse from IT FINALLY CAME IN TODAY! I am so so SO excited to use it! It looks absolutely gorgeous. The quality, detail, and visual of the bag is just fabulous. I can't get over it! I already transferred everything that was in my Coach purse into my new Juicy Couture New Scottie Embroidery Daydreamer bag earlier so I probably will be filming a 'What's In My Bag" video sometime soon!

Until Next Time


  1. Does it have a detachable mirror and pockets that say shop and hello? And is there a heart on the back that has a "J"? thanks ^__^

    1. There was a detachable mirror but this verson doesn't have the "J" on there.

  2. No it doesn't anymore :(