Sunday, November 18, 2012

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Spoiler! And First Order!

Hello gorgeous!

Today has been a really eventful day! I went to go see Breaking Dawn Part 2 and HOLY CHICKENCANOLIES IT WAS AMAZING. The ending was a real twist! It made my heart literally stop for a whole scene! Okay, so if you DO NOT want to find out what happens at the end of this movie than just skip right to the bottom where I talk about an amazing purchase I made on, but if you DO want to find out what happens, then keep on reading. Okay, so in the end the Volturi has gathered people on one side, and the Cullens, as well as the Wolves and the Cullen's relatives and friends are on another side. Alice goes up to talk to Aro to convince him that Renesmee is not an immortal child. She holds his hand and shows him the future and how the child is not a threat, but Aro ends up wanting to attack. The Volturi grabs Alice and Carlisle runs after her yelling let go. He goes by a couple Volturi until Aro and Carlisle leap in the air to attack and Aro lands on the ground throwing Carlisle body on the ground and he is holding Carlisle's head (ergo, he killed Carlisle). Esmee screams, and there is a huge riot fight. The fight scene literally made me sit at the end of my seat and I was rooting for everyone to kill the Volturi. Jasper got his head ripped off and Alice screams (Jasper died). A wolf got strangled to death, and Jade (Dakota Fanning) her brother? I think, and another main Volturi character gets killed. After more intensive battling, Bella and Edward attack Aro and kill him! Until...THAT WAS ALL A VISION ALICE HAD AND SHOWED ARO THE FUTURE. So, that means the whole Carlisle and Jasper dying didn't happen it was all a premise that Alice had and showed Aro. Aro gets scared and he and the whole Volturi clan leave.  It is such an amazing ending to the saga I was on the edge of tears when I saw Carlisle and Jasper "die".  I really hope they make a epilogue of some sort. After watching it I really wish I had a love life like Bella and Edward. Oh well.


I am super super excited to say that I just ordered my first purchase literally 5 minutes ago! I purchased a daydreamer bag which has been on every single wish-list I've ever made and I finally decided to pull out my money and purchase it. A lot of people have the style I chose (the New Scottie Embroidery Daydreamer Bag). It is their most popular bag. I bought it in the Black rather than the Heather Prestige because I felt like I could pair it up with every outfit whether it's a formal occasion, or just for school. I really love the detailing of the bag as well! The leopard daydreamer was another one I was debating on purchasing, but I realized I needed a more staple classic purse. 

Juicy Couture New Scottie Daydreamer Bag in Black $198.00

I was expecting this purse to be $300.00, but to find it for $198.00 it is definitely a good price for a designer purse! I have fell in love with it it is so cute! 

Until Next Time