Monday, January 16, 2012

Double Duty Studying

Found this picture here: HERE
My thighs and mid-section have grown abnormally large. Why? I sit and eat like a pig all day. I usually run a mile every day but lately I haven't had the time to do so because I'm either on my Mac, my iPhone 4s, or Facebook. That's why, I'm studying while exercising! Make sense? I'm a yoga addict and I'll write information on flashcards and read them while doing an easy, yet powerful pose. Then, I'll quiz myself while having a pilates/yoga ball in between my knees and do sit ups. It's painful. If I don't answer the question before my legs and stomach hurt and I stop, then I'll have to do leg lifts with the ball in between my ankles. Painful!!! You can do this too! It's super easy!

Things you'll need:
1. An Excercise/Yoga/Pilates Ball (Mine's purple!)
2. A Yoga Mat (optional, I find it easier if you're doing this on tile/wood) (Mine's purple!)
3. Flashcards/Notecards
4. Permanent Marker (I buy the crazy colorful Sharpie ones so I can color code and make it look pretty!)

1. Write all the material you need to study on a flash card. (Ex: On one side write "3 Dynasties", On the reverse side, write Zhou, Qin, and Han.)
2. Set them next to you and put the ball in between your knees (Insert perverted laugh here)
3. Read the side with the question (Ex: 3 Dynasties) and try to answer it while doing as many sit-ups as you can. If you fail to answer the question in time before you stop, proceed to step 4, if you manage to answer it (yay you!), then go to step 5.
4. Yoga ball in between your ankles and do 10-20 leg lifts, in order to process everything through, and read the reverse side OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN!
5. Move on to the next question!

It's super easy, and you get an amazing quick workout by doing so!



  1. too bad thats not a dude then he would be a "skinny white boy"